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Shock sales tactics

By TIM COE Published 21st May 2014
There’s absolutely no need to stand outside your local supermarket and make loud phone calls whilst cleaning your ears with a cotton bud or flossing your teeth.

Big data doesn't know me

By EMMA COAKES Published 21st Mar 2014
Is Big Data a threat to small businesses who don't have access to the flow of data? Judging by how well some of the organisations with the data seem to know me the answer is no. There's no substitute for really knowing your customers.

Big Data

By JAMES COAKES Published 10th Jun 2013
Big Data is big and concerns data. Basically you take data and you make it really really big. Then you turn that into statistics and make decisions based on them. What's not to love about Big Data? Marketing Lens discusses the latest inhuman trend.

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