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Create your own work wonderland

By STEVE TILBURY Published 13th Aug 2013
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Large format digital printers are capable of printing off, perhaps unsurprisingly, very large sheets of top quality vinyl printing.

When you see the new headquarters of a top brand you will often see spaces that have been created specifically to be congruent with the image and values of that brand. You don't see boring walls with bog standard motivational posters on the walls, you tend to see large areas of colour which match those of the brand.

GoogleplexGoogle is a good example, with their 'Googleplex' HQs in Europe and the USA. They are really creative places to work, the European HQ even has a fireman's pole to get from one floor to the next - if you're going down!

Not all businesses have the budget to go to the sort of lengths that Google does, but there's no doubt that you can create a more motivational and inspiring place to work by making it a more interesting environment for your employees.

Interesting work environmentIf you're in retail then it's easy to understand how making the environment attractive to your customers will increase sales. 

If you're running an office, for example a call centre, it might be worth considering that your employees have some of the qualities that customers do.

If you can increase their output by creating a great place to work then that makes sense.

Whether you want a large logo on one wall of your office or to create a unique bespoke work environment, give Evans Graphics a call. You will be amazed by what is possible.


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265 weeks ago, by Tim
Oh, there I was thinking how informative the article was when all along it was an advert. A good advert at that Steve.
265 weeks ago, by James
We're all selling something, aren't we Tim? Should an article not have a call to action at the end? Or does that have an impact on trust?
265 weeks ago, by Tim
Yes we are James, absolutely. However, a CTA changes the whole vibe. If this website has a load of 'articles' asking you to buy something then it is not all about industry experts shooting the s**t, it becomes an excuse to promote oneself and who wants to read promotional pieces? I can open a Sunday supplement magazine for that, or any publication.

I'm not attacking Steve here, but just highlighting this is the first post of its kind I've seen on this website. It's up to you what you permit of course, but I do not think this is what you intended Marketing Lens to be used for. Am I wrong?
265 weeks ago, by Tim
Also, how did Steve get all those photos in the article? I didn't think we could do that? It used to be just one image.
265 weeks ago, by James
You can edit photos in using a photo hosting service such as Photobucket. You'll find an image tag where you can put the URL where the image is stored.
265 weeks ago, by Tim
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