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White van man marketing lessons

By JAMES COAKES Published 29th Oct 2013
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I have found a new hobby; spotting white vans with interesting marketing. Well, I say it's a hobby. I spotted two in one journey a few weeks ago and haven't managed to see any more since. However, I think they are pretty good examples.

The White Van Gentlemen were spotted in Chelsea, which is where you might expect them to be. People who live in Chelsea don't want to entrust the moving of their possessions to any old yob who turns up with a white van.

White Van Gentlemen is perfect marketing for that area and, probably, command prices to match their image. After all, tweed overalls and iron toecapped brogues don't come cheap.

Aussie Van ManAussie Man and Van, on the other hand, has decided to distinguish himself with some self depreciating humour. England won the ashes, a fact which sticks in the Aussie gullet. However, he's marketing himself in England and using humour that will appeal to potential customers. He probably wouldn't take the same approach if he was marketing himself in Australia.

Both are very clever examples of small business marketing. They stand out and make you take notice. They make you talk about the messages and they stick in your mind.

The next time you want something moved you might very well remember the messages on these vans. You would turn to Google and, I'm pleased to report, you would find either business.

This is why it's clever. It would be quite difficult for someone to get onto the first page of Google for the term 'man and van london'. Not only is it competitive but services like Gumtree and Yell, both of which employ teams of SEO experts, are taking up positions.

Dodgy Man & Van

By clever and, more importantly, memorable branding you can get an easy to recall concept to the top of search. It's better to stand out and be found than to blend in and disappear in the crowd,

Do make sure that you get your branding right though. I'm not sure how many people call this Man & Van based on the branding he's opted for.

Marketing lesson; have stand out branding and what you do in your business name.


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277 weeks ago, by Jackie
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