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Dear reader, I married him

By JACKIE BARRIE Published 19th Nov 2013
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According to the Independent, "Dear reader, I married him" is the British public's favourite book ending.

Charlotte Brontë knew she was doing when she wrote Jane Eyre.

Note that she didn't write: "Dear readers, I married him".

That's not because she thought only one person would read her book. It's because she knew that people read books one at a time. Addressing each reader in the singular creates a more personal communication between them and the story-teller.

Why you need to know this

The same applies to people reading your website and other marketing communications. Yet so many business-owners address their readers in the plural. For example, there are 69,400,000 Google results for the search phrase "our clients". Why don't they just write "you"?

Dear reader, I urge you to take this message to heart.

photo credit: Mr. Stabile via photopin cc

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