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Shock sales tactics

By TIM COE Published 21st May 2014
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I just passed a man selling the Big Issue magazine outside my local Tesco here in Lymington. “So what Tim?” you might ask.

Well, the guy was talking loudly on a phone, hands free, so he attracted attention whether you or he liked it or not. The killer was that he unashamedly stood there cutting his nails with a nail clipper!!!

Yes, that’s right, he was attempting to sell magazines whilst simultaneously chopping parts off his body and allowing them to fall onto the pavement. Who the hell was going to approach him and interrupt that type of public self-grooming operation? He won’t be forgotten in a hurry, no doubt about that.

So, I love the rule about breaking out of obscurity and attracting attention for your business BUT only for the right reasons and in a positive way. This was clearly bad news, not just for the individual involved, but for the entire Big Issue operation and other magazine sales colleagues of his. They’d just love to hear about this I’m sure.

But let’s make some good come out of this. Let his error of judgement make a difference for you in a good way. What are you doing today to make a difference in getting yourself noticed?

There’s absolutely no need to stand outside your local supermarket and make loud phone calls whilst cleaning your ears with a cotton bud or flossing your teeth. Here’s nine ideas:

1. Make 2 phone calls to people that do not expect to hear from you
2. Send 6 emails to people who don’t expect to hear from you
3. Sent 3 text messages to people…..
4. Drop in to someone’s office when passing but make it unannounced
5. Write and post a letter to someone you wish to move the relationship forward with [could be a greetings card or personal note]
6. Hit someone on Facebook
7. Tweet someone
8. Message an individual on LinkedIn
9. Get someone else in your business to do ANY of the above so a different person makes a connection

Just get yourself noticed and do something small to increase the chances of your prospects and clients talking about you. That’s all you need to do, get yourself talked about.

Good luck and let me know what you get up to.

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243 weeks ago, by James
I quite like the idea of people who sell the Big Issue caring about their appearance. You're right though, it's not the best way to attract sales. Is there a protocol around unannounced visits, for example should you take doughnuts?
243 weeks ago, by Tim
Who knows what approach would have broken his preoccupation James?
242 weeks ago, by Jackie
I dropped in unexpectedly to visit a printer with whom I'd only interacted online before. I brought biscuits. I fully expect even better service from now on!
242 weeks ago, by Tim
He'll remember you for positive reasons for sure now Jackie. Which other online contacts will EVER do that? Good move.
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