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Why I'm a marketing genius and you're not.

By MITCH SULLIVAN Published 6th Jun 2013
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I've come-up with a solution to Findus Group's current problems.  

They relaunch their beef lasagne product and put a big yellow sticker on the cover with a caption that says "No cows were harmed during the making of this product. Just kidding!"

I reckon the self-deprecation and fun shown in that kind of packaging would get the public back onside in no time.

Findus, I'm always at the end of the phone if you want to discuss me becoming your new Head of Global Marketing.

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275 weeks ago, by James
I don't think it could be a sticker; people would assume someone else had done it. A food activist or something. For that level of self awareness it would have to be actually printed on the packaging.

The fallout seems to suggest that no-one is particularly fussed about eating horse. Times are hard and, as meat goes, it's pretty healthy.

They're more concerned about the chemical additives and being done over yet again by a corporate. If that corporate were to show any level of self awareness they might gain a cult following and, guess what, intelligent people have money. It's not just the daft zombies who are watching Eastenders when their ad comes on who are the market. Actually, looking at the Findus range it probably is.

My advice to anyone who looks in their freezer and finds a Findus product is to take a good, hard look at your life and try to work out where it all went wrong.
275 weeks ago, by David
My life's ambition is simple. I want to one day, if I live long enough, see the other side of Mitch's face.
275 weeks ago, by Tim
Mitch, can you imagine the Animal Rights activists' response to that type of derogatory reference to animals? Is all publicity good publicity?
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