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To all those people getting giddy about Social Media

By MITCH SULLIVAN Published 7th Jun 2013
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If you still talk shit, people will still ignore you.  They'll just ignore you in more places.

Seriously, that's all it means.

The people who are great at social media now, were great with the more traditional stuff because social media only democratises marketing for the people who already had some talent in that area. 

Everyone else needs a rethink.

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275 weeks ago, by James
I'm amazed at the output from some of these 'practitioners'. A huge amount of waffle. The absolute worst thing that can happen is that they get mentioned in some list somewhere linked to something vaguely plausible, that seems to give them the perceived credibility that they crave and they really start churning it out.

It's like some huge rotating ball of energy that's lifting small houses up and heading for Oz.

Perhaps there should be something like Klout which measures how much they are selling to people who aren't involved in the same activity. Real business. Now that would be a measure of influence that would mean something.
275 weeks ago, by John
Talkin' Loud and Sayin' Nothing - James Brown, 1970
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