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By LARA CAINE Published 27th Aug 2014
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Commenting on blogs is a great technique for improving your profile in your web marketing. As well as SEO benefits you can also attract attention from potential clients by being helpful and showing your knowledge on a subject.

The key to this and, really, to all internet activity is to provide great content. Here are a few tips and strategies for you to consider:-

1. How To Find Blog Comment Opportunities

Set up a Google alert for your keywords. Set up separate alerts for your top keywords. These will arrive in your inbox once a day and you scroll through finding opportunities to contribute to the discussion on the subjects where you can add value. My personal approach is to prefer discussions taking place in the UK, but that's just a personal choice. If a blog from elsewhere comes up with really good content then I will add to it.

2. Recommended Blog Comment Protocol

I strongly recommend that you avoid the spam technique of using a keyword as a name. Use your real name, rather than something like 'Marble Kitchen Worktops'. Many blog owners will reject the comment if you do this or remove the link if your comment content is worth keeping. If nothing else using this technique exposes you as a spam link builder and if Google aren't taking this into account now you can bet that they will do at some point. Keep it natural.

3. Create Great Content

Short comments like 'Great blog, thanks' and 'Thanks for sharing' are not a great idea. They look spammy and make you look as though you either can't be bothered to make a decent comment or don't have the intelligence to put one together. The point is that you have an opportunity to be useful and show potential contacts that you have expertise in an area; why not make use of it?

I would also avoid cut and paste repetitive comments. It's not good content, typically, and you could end up being associated with spam through repetitive content.

Put a bit of effort into your commenting if you are going to use this as part of your online profile building. The ultimate aim is to build relationships with the person who is writing the blog and those who are reading it. Try to make at least one useful contribution to the blog, either with an insight or an attributed fact.

Ultimately it's just about being a good conversationalist.

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