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Clever marketing - Ginger discount weekends

By JAMES COAKES Published 2nd Sep 2014
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The marketing team of a shopping centre in Aberdeen capitalised on someone's good idea and managed to get themselves national publicity.

Richard MacRae was born with ginger hair, but was determined to lead a normal life. More than this he made the brave decision to make the most of his affliction and go about his life with a sense of humour.

So, Richard came up with the idea of carrying a 'Ginger Discount Card' around with him and claimed that handing it over at the till when he made a purchase has so far made him savings of more than £200 from amused or sympathetic shop staff.

The marketing team at Aberdeen's Union Square shopping centre, which includes Nandos, Superdry, Cotwold Outdoor and TM Lewin, heard about Richard's enterprising idea and decided to launch a special weekend when discounts of 10% would be offered to giver Aberdonians, or those prepared to wear a ginger wig.

The story was carried on various news channels, including ITV, Metro and The Daily Mail. The story is a great example of a fun idea being turned into a viral marketing story. It's also good to see a shopping centre marketing team actually being creative.

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