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65 Reasons Why Your Business Conclusively Needs a USP

By TIM COE Published 15th Sep 2014
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'65 Reasons Why Your Business Conclusively Needs a USP' is a list I've compiled through the sheer need to get these highly valuable business assertions off my chest.

If you don't know me, my business is called myUSP and, as the name suggests, I am consumed by company product and service differentiation. If you can convincingly answer what I called The Biggest Question in the Business Universe, then you'll be enjoying 65 major benefits your competitors will not be.

They might be lucky enough to experience a small fraction of what are you, but not all 65 reasons, no way.

The all important question is this:

"If I am your ideal target client then why should I do business with you over any of your competitors. In fact, why should I buy from you or anyone for that matter? 

Read on and in about 2-3 minutes you'll soon appreciate [assuming you're currently not an existing USP convert] that trying to do any marketing without a USP is not only a complete waste of your valuable resources but it's criminal not to be operating at your fullest potential.

I can justify and explain all of the 65 reasons below. They all come from having an 'U'tterly 'S'eductive 'P'roposal.

1. The first reason is simple: the fact that there ARE 65 reasons why your business conclusively needs a USP is reason enough to have a USP. 2-3 reasons no, 8-10 reasons maybe, 65? DEFINITELY!

2. Doing business without a USP is like playing darts blindfolded, you might score but probably won't

3. When you have a clearly defined, justifiable and persuasive USP you will become highly discussable

4. When you have a clearly defined, justifiable and persuasive USP you will become memorable

5. When you have a clearly defined, justifiable and persuasive USP you will become distinctive

6. will become unique

7. will sell more

8. will sell more faster

9. will get money into your bank account faster

10. will improve your profitability

11. When you have a clearly defined, justifiable and persuasive USP you will increase your chances of extending your overdraft or borrowing money

12. will never run out of things to say when writing the words for your marketing [the hardest part]

13. will increase your sales conversion rates

14. will waste less ‘hope’ money advertising and promoting your business

15. will increase your marketing ROI

16. will have more money available to spend on the right marketing

17. will please more people

18. ...the more people you do business with, the more testimonials and endorsements you'll receive

19. will receive more referrals from your clients

20. will receive more referrals which = more enquiries, business, money, new clients and further referrals

21. When you have a clearly defined, justifiable and persuasive USP you will make it easy for people to choose you. They enjoy buying

22. will not come across as desperate when selling. It's so much easier

23. will save your buyers time shopping around

24. will be making your prospects and clients an offer they can't refuse

25. will deal with people that might never have bought at all

26. will create a community of clients all sharing the same values

27. will be the best because your focus is on amplifying your strengths

28. will be more trusted

29. will be able to quickly and easily explain your business to anyone you meet

30. will be able maximise your opportunities at networking events

31. By owning a clearly defined, justifiable and persuasive USP it will push you on to maintain the highest standards

32. have the potential to become known as the market leader

33. will build an enviable reputation, and you’re only as good as your reputation

34. will create repeat business

35. will become far more confident

36. will turn regular buyers into lifetime buyers

37. will create long-term loyalty, a very powerful thing

38. will have well attended events (that create more loyalty)

39. will grow your business turnover

40. will grow your business database

41. When you have a clearly defined, justifiable and persuasive USP you will increase the value of your business

42. will blow people's socks off, making you DUDU [Discussable, Unforgettable, Distinctive & Unique]

43. will move your industry forward and set new standards

44. will irritate & enrage your competitors

45. will have bright, fun and exciting social media pages encouraging more engagement

46. will give your website a new lease of life and keep people on it for longer

47. will have the best business cards wherever you go

48. will become more creative in general

49. will make your business more attractive to investors and easier to sell when you come to bail out

50. will command the highest prices

51. When you have a clearly defined, justifiable and persuasive USP you will be incomparable to your rivals and their products and services

52. will employ more people

53. will have higher quality customers

54. will have improved products and services

55. will be able to pay your staff more money

56. will attract superior employees

57. will create a better office environment for staff & make work a nice place to come to each day

58. will have a better work environment which increases productivity and performance

59. will put yourself in a position to help others out

60. will create intrigue in your company

61. When you have a clearly defined, justifiable and persuasive USP you will have a busier and more thriving business which in turn creates a buzz

62. will be able to negotiate better deals with your suppliers

63. will pay more tax and therefore improve the country. If that’s not your thing you’ll be able to employ a tax advisor and therefore be improving his business

64. will reduce selling time and therefore free up more of your valuable time for other areas of your business

65. And finally, you will be on the road to live where you want, drive the car you like, eat the best food, travel the World, be able to buy, berth, maintain and run a boat, be healthier, live longer…and even have more sex.

WOW! Life with a USP is amazing right? So why doesn't everyone have one? I believe it's like a lot of things. We all know eating a high fibre diet is healthy but who actually adheres to it?

So what's the first step to defining your very own USP? Most people offering guidance might say to buy their book if they'd written one on the subject. I have and it's called 'Your Utterly Seductive Proposal' but I wouldn't expect you to buy mine right away. I'll send you the main chapter of the book, with my compliments, which contains my exclusive 5 step USP creation process. Simply email or Tweet me and ask for it.

You will not receive any contact asking you to do directly become a client of mine ever, I promise. It's no strings attached. Email me or Tweet me @myUSPbiz.

Alternatively, be my guest and continue to compete on price. This occurs when your buyers have no other way of making a disctinction between you and your competitors. That's madness and only an complete jerk would do business that way if you think about it.

Tim Coe


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