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Buffalo Vs Giraffe

By PAUL TANSEY Published 11th Jun 2013
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Marketeers can be very lonely. In my world we deal with smaller businesses (typically 10 to 250 employees) and often there is only the one lonely Giraffe among a herd of buffalo.

Buffalo like charging. A lot. They admire other buffalo who are heavily muscled, charging hard and charging fast. Buffalo don't stop for lunch. 

In each of these herds of buffalo you usually find a giraffe. Often a more gentle, thoughtful animal that speaks a slightly different language. Giraffes are tolerated by buffalo because they have long necks. This means that they can guide the charging herd to avoid the lions, the crocodiles, the swamps and the other dangers. they can also point out where the greenest grass is.

For some reason though, buffalo don't listen to giraffes much. They know that the giraffe is useful and that he or she is there for a reason but well, they are bit busy to listen to giraffes really. Busy charging....

The giraffe often struggles to be heard by the herd. That's because buffalo are too busy charging to worry much about WHERE they are charging and they would rather hear charging derring do from other senior and highly scarred buffalo (while they charge together) than stop and have to concentrate on what the giraffe is saying. It speaks a slightly different language and while buffalo can understand giraffe, it takes concentration and... crucially... means they have to stop charging long enough to listen. They hate that.

Frankly, buffalo don't really value giraffes. They find them irritating. Giraffes look a bit silly when they charge, after all. Not very muscly are they? When the going gets tough... it's the giraffe they jetison first. If somebody has to go it's always the giraffe that gets it.

Occasinally a big muscly buffalo will stop for long enough to hear what a giraffe says. The standard form is to then to translate this into buffalo and communicate the message to the other buffalo in the sure and certain knowledge that if the others think it's good, the buffalo takes the credit. If they think it's crap, it's all that giraffe's stuff...

We love giraffes. We like to invite them to giraffe parties and talk giraffe stuff. Do you have a lonely giraffe you could point our way? Giraffes need the company of other giraffes sometimes.

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