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Ticket Fail.

By JACKIE BARRIE Published 14th Jun 2013
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Recently, I bought tickets at Here's part of the ugly-looking confirmation email I received:

Here's your Ticket Confirmation
Please read this information carefully, then make a note of it and take it with you to the event you've booked for - you do not need to print this email (and it's more than 40 times better for the environment if you don't - see below).
BOOKING REFERENCE: t06121634522593b1
The NAMED TICKET HOLDER must give their name and this reference and may be asked to confirm their postcode.
The NAMED TICKET HOLDER must bring photographic or signature ID.
Only the NAMED TICKET HOLDER and the appropriate number of people accompanying them will be admitted to the event.
Simply make a note of the information in this email - especially your booking reference - and take it with you to the event you've booked for.
By not printing this email you are reducing the carbon emission from this ticket by 42 times - and by over 100 times from a ticket sent to you in the post!
Just think, we could fill the O2 Arena (20,000 tickets) and emit less carbon than a printed ticket event selling just 186 tickets at your local venue would.
Reducing carbon emissions - that's the ticket!

Being an obedient soul, I didn’t print the email. Instead, I carefully typed the long unfriendly booking reference as a note on my iPhone. Double-checked it to make sure I got it right. And made sure to take my phone out when I turned up at the event so I was ready.

Can you guess what happened?


I didn’t need the booking reference.
I didn’t need to confirm my postcode.
I didn’t need photographic or signature ID.

There was a girl standing at the entrance with a clipboard holding a guest list with my name on it. She ticked my name and I was in.

Bah. It does annoy me when a process is so user-unfriendly and time-wasting. Luckily, it was a good event. But I'll never use them to buy tickets again.

Do you think that ‘marketing’ should include all aspects of customer communications and the customer experience? I do.

photo credit: Hryck. via photopin cc

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