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Brand or numbers game?

By JAMES COAKES Published 10th Feb 2015
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Have you noticed that when customers call you for information and prices their communication skills are usually excellent? They need something from you. Then, in some cases, it's impossible to speak to them again? They don't return your calls or even your emails - how easy is it to return an email? This isn't true in every case, but it's often enough to be frustrating.

Why is this? It can be because people are busy and it can be because many of us are not good at dealing with rejection, not just receiving it but being the bearer of it. You've been through the first date stage of talking about yourself and them talking about what they want from you and then they may have to reject you. It's uncomfortable, except that you deal with this situation every day and you are used to rejection. You can take it, you would rather know because you have twenty other people who want to reject you and you need to tick a few people off your list.

Every day social media is full of experts telling us that we need to be authentic, create brand experiences for customers, have a narrative and all of those other very trendy ideas, but what if customers just aren't that committed to it all? What if it's actually just a numbers game and you are going to get the run around no matter how hard you work on all of that?

It's not a fashionable thing to say, but in many cases the narrative is an 'at a glance' thing around the logo, USP / Mission Statement / Words In Bold bit and a glance at the 'About Us' page if you're lucky. In a large number of cases it's going to about the feel of your collateral; the quality of your website and brochure or the tone of your voice. Then, beyond that, it's a numbers game for all but a small selection of brands.

Understanding this and where you sit is essential for business success. The best strategy may be to get your pitch right, send it in fast and be the first one to follow up. Take advantage of understanding the game, imperfections and all.

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