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Surefire Ways to Make Your Business Look Cheap

By TIM COE Published 25th Apr 2016
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The quality of the words in your marketing will be interpreted by the reader to indicate the quality of your business.

You can’t get away from that fact and, like it or not, it’s true. Creative language, uplifting vocabulary and Power Words will elevate the level of attention you receive and how well you are remembered.

If you want a business that is perceived as high quality and high-end you’d better not use cheap and childish language [unless you’re selling toys on a market!].

Not sure? Then look at the way M&S describe their food in this video. It might be irritating but it works. [I can’t believe this advert is approaching 10 years old now!]

Choose your words carefully

Great words either make good products sound how they should, or great words can make an ordinary product sound better than it deserves to.

Unsurprisingly the opposite is also true; bad words can drag a good product down. Bad words can also tell the truth about a company and its products by showing that not a lot of thought has gone into anything.

So don’t say good, say GREAT. Don’t say help, say SUPPORT. Don’t say cost, say INVEST. Don’t say tell, say CONVEY.

You may wish to consider these points:

  1. What is your actual message?
  2. What do you want the reader to feel or do?
  3. What do you stand for?
  4. How are you different to your competition?
  5. Why should your ideal target client buy from you over anyone else?
  6. What is it I can only get from you and no one else?
  7. Have I optimised my headlines to draw the reader in?
  8. Does each word I have used in my marketing sell what I’m trying to say in the best possible way?

We could go on but I’m sure you get the point here. You only have one chance to make a first impression to make it count with clear concise vocabulary that talks to the client in terms of problem solving and not describing what you do.



This is a website I wrote for a client where every sentence has been sharpened to give the reader value. We’re not talking about what the company does, we’re talking about the client gets. MASSIVE DIFFERENCE.

What do your clients get?

They simply do not care what you do. No one does. It’s all about the end result. That’s what people buy from you.

You don’t want to fall victim of this I’m sure. But are you already? Most businesses do, it’s pretty hard to escape it.

“I urge you to look at your marketing materials and scrutinise the vocabulary employed to convey your message.”

Don’t make your business look cheap, make it look irresistible.


If you want an outside perspective just email me at and I’ll be happy to give you feedback.

Thanks for reading.

Tim Coe


P.S. VIDEO: What is it about your business that gets you remembered? 

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147 weeks ago, by James
For me typos are a big 'no no'. It says something about the quality of a company's work.

Vocabulary is a balancing act. Too much focus on being clever is as much of a turn off as being too basic.

Then there are the secret codes that you find in estate agency speak, which are always fascinating.

Deceptively spacious = not spacious.
Cosy = really not spacious.
Charming = needs a complete refit.
Quaint = outside loo.
Rustic = no wifi
Up-and-coming area = high crime rates.

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