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Signwriting to get you noticed

By STEVE TILBURY Published 10th Jul 2013
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The van in the first photo is a favourite. It's clever because it makes you take notice by making you think. It doesn't ask a particularly difficult question, but it gets attention and, combined with a superb domain name, it dominates your attention for a split second.

A split second may not seem like a long time, but in speed of thought and today's fast paced world where brands are clamouring for that attention left, right and centre it's enough.

Porsche Boxster SignwritingThe first time I saw the picture of the van on the left I thought that it was a kit car because the front end isn't quite right and the wheels obviously aren't. But on closer inspection it's a clever bit of signwriting designed to get the company behind it noticed.

It makes you wonder what you could achieve with a better eye for detail and some hot wheels.

Well, wonder no more ...

Van signwritten with a Lamborghini.

Starbucks sucks, says company vehicle.But it's not all plain sailing for vehicle marketing. You have to consider every eventuality as this now famous Starbucks van signwriting #fail illustrates.

When you consider how many vans they have on the road this must be a fairly common embarrassment.

Apparently signwriters based in Scunthorpe are pretty hot on this particular threat.

And finally, signwriting doesn't always have to portray a traditional marketing message. For example, it can be used to seek revenge for poor customer service. In doing this the message can be so well done that it gets you noticed and shared on social media, which isn't good marketing ... it's great marketing.

I give the final word to CBS, the Essex Builders.

CBS unreliable Fiat van.

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271 weeks ago, by John
Love it... Show people something novel, surprise them, make them laugh and you've got their ATTENTION...
270 weeks ago, by Jackie
Brilliant. Just shows what you can do with a bit of imagination.
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