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Using signs to get your business noticed

By STEVE TILBURY Published 31st Jul 2013
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This 'Take A Break From The Sun' sign is a very clever way of making sure that an important message doesn't get lost in the noise. People will stop and think about it because it's ingenious and it has the added benefit that it would be shared on social media. People love clever signs and they are very shareable.


Boring or something a bit more interesting?

Cafe Now Open SignConsider a standard 'Cafe Now Open' sign. Yes, it's informative and it may tell people that there's a cafe in the vicinity, but it's not exactly making your mouth water, is it?

Clever cafe sign selling hot dogsBy contrast the sign on the right stops you in your tracks and 'sells the sizzle'. It would need a bit of rewriting for the UK audience, but you can see the idea. Catch people's attention via their imagination.

How about controversial advertising? The sign below really caught my eye. Would it make you want to try the restaurant out or not?

The Fisherman's Shack restaurant signThere's a restaurant in Boston in America called Dick's Last Resort. It's world famous because of its unique business model. Dick's hires young waiting staff and gives them the brief to be as rude as possible to the customers.

Now, given any marketing lesson that you'll ever hear this sounds like business suicide, but Dick's is always full and people keep going back for more. Would you want to try it out? 

Dairy Milk's clever billboardThe billboard on the right from Dairy Milk is really clever. How much outdoor advertising do you walk past each day without even taking note of the brand, let alone the message? I can't imagine many people fail to spot this one, it's just so engaging. They will also benefit from social sharing so it has potential to go viral, that golden concept that all marketers are looking for.

Funny restaurant signAnd finally, if you do decide to go down the route of putting a witty and / or thought provoking sign outside your business do make sure you hand the execution over to a professional company.

I have to think that this one was done intentionally and it's great fun, so it would be effective, but you get my point.

At Evans Graphics we can help you from concept to completion, starting with a 'stop them in their tracks' message and finishing with a beautifully made sign.


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267 weeks ago, by John
Dick's Last Resort reminds me of a notorious Chinese restaurant in Soho, I can't recall the name now but the staff were so rude that it was one of those places you had to go to for the experience. In their case though, I don't think it was a deliberate marketing strategy, just authentic bad service.

Anyway, I think I'll treat myself to a bar of Dairy Milk later, that pic has got me salivating...
267 weeks ago, by Jackie
I think it's Wong Kei.
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