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Stockport, Cheshire, Cheshire, SK4 4NE

Digital Supremo Profile:

The "supremo" in Digital Supremo is not about us, although we have enough to brag about. It's about making our customers their own Digital Supremos.

Digital marketing (communications) is complex but, with some thought and planning, many routine tasks can be streamlined or automated. To do that, you need to map out the digital communication flows necessary to creating an efficient marketing machine.

That can include email marketing, digital PR, social media, website, blogging, mobile and content management.

Our strengths span creativity -- producing effective content which attracts eyeballs and search engines -- through technical knowledge to data analysis.

We are hired by the day and, unlike agencies with heavy overheads and locked-in payments, we are flexible and accountable. If we don't add value, you don't pay!

We have a unique auditing system, DAPS, which ensures that we go about reviewing your situation methodically and don't just put a wet finger in the wind.

Specialist Services:

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2nd Apr 2014
by Jeremy Dent