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Personal Summary

I was born and raised in Canada and moved to the UK with my parents when I was a child. I was utterly useless at everything at school other than writing, so my career path was pretty clear-cut from an early age...

I live in Bedfordshire, England, near a city called Milton Keynes (who?) with my son Tom, when he is home from university, two rescued dogs and four rescued cats.

Professional Summary


Although I grew up writing for print, live business theater and corporate/educational TV, the greatest love of my life is the internet. Provided you understand how it works, it is probably the most useful business tool since the abacus. If you don't, it can destroy you and your business.

I don't profess to be a generalist social media guru: my niche is writing the words. As a seasoned journalist, copywriter, ghost blogger and author, I have a massive amount of expertise to plow into your writing projects and make them perform well for you. And considering that about 80 percent of all online communications are text-based, those words are pretty important. Let me help you get the best results from yours.

Other stuff: I have had over 30 nonfiction books published covering business/marketing, business writing, self-help and humorous topics.

Check out the website for details!


Other than my "day job" I am Chair of a group of (volunteer) cancer patients, carers and (paid) healthcare professionals - I have had cancer twice - working together to ensure the best possible cancer services in our area. This could be a full time job if I let it...

When I'm not writing I grow herbs, fruit and veg on a small scale, drink a bit of white wine - Chablis, by preference - and help judge dressage (as in horses) competitions most weekends. No longer have my own horse though. :-(


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