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Personal Summary

I'm a goalkeeper. I will build my own house. I like booking holidays. I've made every item of furniture in my house. I have little regard for what other people think of me. I enjoy giving people amazing experiences. Dull people make me want to throw spaghetti bolognese at them.

Professional Summary

My business Advantix is the market leader in Business Automation. We help disorganised businesses get themselves organised and automated.

I'm the author of the book, Automate Your Business which has seen rave reviews from people all over the world.

Our team created SignTick, a digital signature service letting you save time when getting agreements signed.


snowboarding, walking, being ridiculous, writing cards for people, making things, sunbathing, dancing (badly), dating (it's like a sport), playing in goal, reading, being better, listening to quality music, helping people be better.


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As a business owner, you want to “take a step back” and have the business run itself The tools we have will help you As a business owner, you ideally want to build the business up, then begin to take a step back and start to let it run itself. The trouble is, in…

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