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Rant or Rave
299 weeks ago, by Mitch
Coke's marketing chief rejects call for tax on sugary drinks
More here:

Basically what he's really saying is that marketing doesn't work. Something somewhere isn't adding up.

In other news, turkeys think that Christmas is a bit shit.
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299 weeks ago, by Jackie
One of the things that Governments try to do to change behaviour is raise awareness through ad campaigns. It ticks a box to prove they're doing something. But old-style advertising doesn't work any more (I wrote an article on here about it).
298 weeks ago, by Jeremy
Old-style advertising doesn't work any more? This is a generalissimo of generalisations, Jackie, and you can't get away with that, sorry.

It is true that marketing communications has changed dramatically in the last decade and the consumer now has a lot of power.

One thing that really great advertising had was the big idea. However ubiquitous digital marketing communications might be, all campaigns need strong ideas. And campaigns should encompass both offline and digital.
298 weeks ago, by James
People often mistakenly think that ideas have to be new. But there's so much noise now, how does an idea stand out?

Would the brilliant Leonard Rossiter / Joan Collins Cinzano adverts still work today? And before you say 'Yes, of course' - which actors?
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