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291 weeks ago, by John
Micro Scooters - A UK success story...
Start-up 8 years ago and now, as any parent of small children will tell you, they're the ubiquitous mode of transport for 2 year olds and up.

I wonder how they did it?

Has it been about offering a damn good, truly innovative product backed up by a sincere service oriented approach making both kids and parents avid supporters?

Sadly it seems there's often a tendency to underplay the importance of product and service in the overall marketing mix...

291 weeks ago, by James
I think the effectiveness of that website says a lot about the quality of their marketing. It's intuitive, the offering is clear and there are a plenty of USP points in the box on the right (in exactly the right place).

It's a marketing case study.
290 weeks ago, by John
Their website is a new one launched this week, their old one was OK but not as intuitive or impactful.

A series of interview based case studies in the articles section here would make interesting reading, perhaps Marketing Lens members could suggest potential cases in our new Forum section - I think the interview format would work well and it would be a win / win, giving the interviewee some exposure in the process...
290 weeks ago, by Tim
A good observation John. They're an old idea revitalised and 'rolled out' again with a modern edge.

They have certainly caught people's imagination. I saw an old lady pushing herself along the pavement in Surbiton about 6 weeks ago. I caught it on video as it was so funny. Even someone aged 80'ish was utilsing this fad.

So will it last? I expect so. Skateboards came and went but didn't go completely and you see quite a few around today. Yo-yos?
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