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290 weeks ago, by James
Over 30m people receive PPI nuisance calls
According to research from the Citizens Advice Bureau, with 98% saying that they did not give permission to be contacted. Many calls are timed to take place just as people sit down for dinner.

The CAB say this is a 'national annoyance', with Chief Executive Gillian Guy adding "Nuisance calls aren’t just irritating, they’re often a sign that the service on offer isn’t very good or is actually a scam".

This is an area of the marketing industry that really needs to be called something else.
289 weeks ago, by Jackie
Of course, there is always the Telephone Preference Service so you can opt out (and the Mailing Preference Service and Fax Preference Service). Wish there was one for mobiles.
289 weeks ago, by John
I'm thinking of getting rid of our home land-line, I only ever pick it up if I'm in the mood to wind up a scam caller, and boy are they easy to wind up...

Phone companies should offer a service where the customer has the option of making their home number a premium rate number, with appropriate warnings to the caller, and the option of a list of friends and family who are exempt from charges...
287 weeks ago, by Tim
Ha ha, premium rate, brilliant John. I'm with you all the way on this and only picking up the phone for a wind up.

Who ever rings the landline that you know anyway?
287 weeks ago, by James
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