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272 weeks ago, by Tim
0845 or 01 numbers?
How does your business phone number start? After years of thinking I looked better with an 0845 number I have finally taken the decision to drop it.

The reality of mobile phone reliance means most of us make the majority of our calls from our smart pocket friend. But, the mobile networks still see fit to charge us higher rates for anything starting 08 and we can't use our allocated monthly minutes - how annoying is that?

People know where they are with 01 numbers - location and cost.
272 weeks ago, by James
There's a lot of suspicion about any of the 08 numbers, except 0800 which most people seem to trust. I'm using an 0845 at the moment, primarily because it's easy to redirect to wherever I am.

There's an opportunity for promoters of these numbers to run a campaign.
272 weeks ago, by Jackie
My telecoms client tells me the wise thing to do is migrate your 08xx number to the equivalent 03xx because those are non-geographic too, but can be included in the free minutes for mobiles.

As the public may not be aware, it's worth mentioning when you market your new number.
272 weeks ago, by John
Tim, I've just seen that on your website you are offering both 01 and 0845 options...

That strikes me as a great idea, gives the customer the choice and makes them feel like you've thought about them. I think I'll be copying that approach...
271 weeks ago, by Tim
That's right Jackie, 03 are include in mobile minutes. But how many people have those numbers and who knows it is free, which you rightly said.
271 weeks ago, by Tim
John, you would have seen an old website of mine but yes, I give the caller a choice. I'm pleased you approve of that idea.
271 weeks ago, by Kris
It is so simple and so cheap to install (even a range of ) VOIP regional numbers that it is amazing companies still use 0845, which is the biggest rip-off of all the non geo numbers. Orange can charge up to over 40p a minute for what was originally branded a "local" (but was actually "lo-call") number.

I would like marketers to lead the way in denouncing these non-geo rip off numbers now that there is absolutely case for using them in terms of cost.
271 weeks ago, by Tim
0870/0871 appear to be the worst culprits and loved by banks and credit card companies.

Good idea Kris about marketeers leading the way to denounce them. That's sort of where I was coming from with the original post I suppose.
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