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261 weeks ago, by James
The Fox

This is, apparently, going viral and it's going to be as big as Gangnam Style.

I've watched it and I don't get it. I got Gangnam Style, it was very catchy (to use a very unfashionable word) but The Fox isn't. I can only think that the 30 million people who have viewed it on Youtube have done so because they've been told it's going viral.

So what can we learn from this about how to create a viral campaign? I'm none the wiser.
261 weeks ago, by Tim
I'm not going to watch it on principle!
257 weeks ago, by Jason
It is terrible! But I do think it will be a hit - particularly because of the main line = what the fox say. If you say it quick it sounds like you're swearing, this will make it appealing to the teen/kids crowd.

A catchy beat and repitition seem to be the winning formula - along with silly costumes and an easy to follow dance.

Some of these songs amaze me - the crazy frog? utter madness. Perhaps this is an indicator of the low attention spans of consumers - are we getting dumber?
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