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272 weeks ago, by James
Native Marketing
This rather clumsy term relates to intrusive marketing that is supposed to feel similar to the content that you're searching for when you see it. So, if you're after a particular song on Youtube the irritating advert that you have to endure watching before you get to the content you want might be similar music from an up and coming artist sponsored by a brand, or better still with a clever brand related ad running alongside.

There are some clever brands out there who could do it well.
271 weeks ago, by John
I look forward to the day when intrusive ads truly relate to my current interests, although that unfortunately would imply a willingness to be more forthcoming about one's interests, rather than relying on a user's past behaviour patterns to guess at the relevancy.

Getting the balance right with regards to privacy will be tricky, but a solution will probably evolve in time that satisfies both marketers and consumers.
271 weeks ago, by James
I suppose that it can work simply by matching the ad to the content you're looking at, but the match being about content and not just selling something related to you. I suppose it's about subtlety but then you have the sinister outcome of not knowing you're being sold to.
271 weeks ago, by John
I wonder how far it may go beyond content matching?

There's likely to be a proportion of people who would willingly disclose their interests and buying intentions if they'd see more relevant ads in return. Perhaps people will reluctantly accept that ads pay for free content, so they may as well endure ads which match their desires and reduce the annoyance of the interruptions?
271 weeks ago, by Kris
I wonder if there will be a reaction against this in time, and people may just come to the conclusion that they know a computer is trying to second-guess them, and therefore just ignore digital ads.

But then I would say that wouldn't I? :-)
271 weeks ago, by Tim
This 'native marketing' is also called 're-marketing'.

You search for a fridge freezer and then, as if my magic, fridge freezer adverts appear all over the websites you visit.

Very clever, but extremely annoying if you made your purchase and better deals hit you for days or weeks afterwards!
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