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287 weeks ago, by John
BT doing disingenuous telemarketing... Bugger off!
BT called today to get us to renew our business broadband. Instead of discussing our needs the telemarketer went straight into an assumptive up-sell sales routine to try to close me on a package including 500 mins of calls, a new router, & Microsoft 365 cloud services - none of which we need.

When pushed he disclosed we could simply renew our existing service for around £5 per month less than we currently pay.

Well they didn't get me, but as a strategy B2B 'mis-selling' probably works well?
287 weeks ago, by James
It's a cultural process with BT and many other corporates. It starts with the premise that their customers can be sold to rather than served.

Do they wonder why so few people trust them?
287 weeks ago, by Tim

They are quite simply the worst company I have EVER come across.

I've problems with them going right back to my second ever business which resulted in them paying me hundreds in compensation.

The final straw came when on a moving day they had to transfer one number to a new address and switch on a new one. BOTH were cocked up and had to be ordered again causing delays.

I gave up right there and then and will NEVER use them again in my entire life.
287 weeks ago, by Tim
All is not lost. James's Twitter article about worst brands puts these 'telphony tw*ts' at 4th worst for customer satisfaction.
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