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286 weeks ago, by James
Royal Junk Mail
Today the postman dropped off three leaflets and a letter addressed to the homeowner. It's a similar count every day and because I live in a village where there are a lot of older people it's typically completely irrelevant. I just don't feel ready for a stair lift yet.

Because of this I hardly look at it. I just drop it straight into the recycling bin on my way back indoors.

Is this part of The Royal Mail's reinvention? It's just as well that paper comes from sustainable sources now.
286 weeks ago, by Babs
Surely it must still be worth it to the junk mail creators, though.
286 weeks ago, by Tim
"We know all our customers by name" was a great slogan for a TV advert the Royal Mail ran about 10 years ago. I always remember it.

A shame we now get post at lunchtime when it used to be 8am. First class was always the following day. Nothing got lost or damaged.

Just what the hell happened?
285 weeks ago, by James
My postman is great. Yesterday we chatted about the James Bond book which he brought and every day he brings a biscuit for our dog. He knows that my wife is into horses because he brings her post.

If ever there was an opportunity for targeted non-junk mail it's right there.
285 weeks ago, by Jackie
Last Saturday, I posted a birthday card to my sister using 2nd class post. It arrived on the Monday. Surely a two-tier pricing system is more expensive for the Royal Mail to manage?
285 weeks ago, by John
@James - 'targeted non-junk mail' - great idea, as long as it doesn't involve your postie feeding info about you into a giant database...

I think the time is approach when people may willingly divulge their interests and buying intentions if, in return, they receive targeted marketing.

If it saves them time and hassle, without feeling they're being manipulated, it 'll be a win / win - although I doubt we'll ever be able to truly escape the un-targeted spammy stuff...
285 weeks ago, by James
We're all suspicious about databases and the contrived relationship stuff but if a friend picked up a leaflet that they thought might be of interest and gave it to us we'd be pleased.

I don't want it every day from my postie but if every so often he gave me something relevant then the pick up would have to be much much higher than the minute rates of return you see for junk mail, which must make it viable, mustn't it?

That would turn his role into quite an interesting job.
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