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258 weeks ago, by Jason
Precious Contacts
My 1st rant!

Why are there so many groups/forums that make you sign up only when you share all your contacts?

My contacts are precious to me and will protect them at all costs.

Am I just being too protective or do others think the same? Thanks for any feedback :)
257 weeks ago, by James
Good to see you here Jason. I think it's a significant problem and I always try to avoid that step. It would be enough to stop me joining a group. I don't like the feeling of loss of control because, as you say, my contacts are precious.

The privacy issue is very relevant at the moment.
257 weeks ago, by Jason
Good to see you also protect your contacts. I feel the forums/platforms seeking your contact list is simply a pyramid scheme, just without the use of cash.
257 weeks ago, by James
I think that reputation is like currency. At the moment I feel fairly confident that most people who know me would take my call. It wouldn't take too many valueless approaches or dodgy introductions to turn a reputation to junk and then your calls aren't taken.

There are people out there who make that mistake and end up with junk status.
257 weeks ago, by Tim
I commented in this about 3pm and the post isn't here. Have you deleted it James?
257 weeks ago, by James
No, not deleted. Probably a gremlin.
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