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271 weeks ago, by James
Bing Gains Ground On Google

In blind tests (Google v Bing) Bind tends to be the preferred supplier of results. With Google's recent changes and the index returning more local results whether you want them it seems that Bing may be gaining ground, or perhaps more accurately Google losing ground.

Yet I still rarely ask anyone which search engine they use and hear anything other than Google.
271 weeks ago, by Jackie
That reminds me of 'Let me google that for you' - a brilliant resource for all those people who find it more convenient to bother you with their question rather than google it for themselves.
271 weeks ago, by John
Thanks Jackie, I'll probably find some cheeky uses for that:
271 weeks ago, by Tim
James, I asked exactly that question only a few or two ago. "If you don't don't use Google what are you using....and why?"

The 11 responses ranged from Bing, Yahoo, lmgtfy, another type of search engine used for peronal reasons and one female accusing me of having too much time on my hands to ask such a question. That's probably why her and I parted ways a few years back - not understanding each other.
271 weeks ago, by James
One of the biggest problems with Google now is local search. It assumes that all businesses run on a florist business model.

Sometimes the best supplier is national, or not the closest. Google's local search obsession doesn't allow for this.
271 weeks ago, by John
Re: Google's local search obsession - Perhaps local search is much more relevant for the US market where many companies are state focused rather than Nationally focused? Less important for our tiny Island...

Interestingly the Google / Bing market share in the US is around 67% / 16.5%. In the UK I gather market share is around 89% for Google, 5% for Bing which is probably why we don't hear of people 'binging'...

I wonder what lies behind the differences in those stats?
271 weeks ago, by James
That's a very interesting insight, thanks John. Maybe the UK market is either more loyal or a bit lazy when it comes to Googling and Hoovering.
271 weeks ago, by Jackie
And Biros...
271 weeks ago, by Michael
The local search obsession of Google is probably more driven by the need to tap into the mobile market. In the U.S., at least, we tend to tap our smartphones to find businesses nearby that are selling what we're looking for. It's not that companies are "state-focused" -- that's still too geographically diverse in most states -- but "metro-focused." The distance from San Francisco to Los Angeles, for example, is about the same as from London to Glasgow.
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