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275 weeks ago, by Jackie
How *not* to connect on LinkedIn
I received this LinkedIn connect request today:

"I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn since my company has been in communication with yourself as regards to our marketing and database bureau services here at [Name].

Thanking you in advance of your kind consideration of this request."
275 weeks ago, by James
LinkedIn seems to be getting spammier. The problem is that some of these people don't intend to come across as badly as they do.

Just like life, I suppose.
275 weeks ago, by Babs
I do wish there was the option to unsubscribe from some of the spam sent out by people we're connected with. From what I can see it's disconnect or lump it.
275 weeks ago, by James
People need a volume switch. It's the one innovation that would make all the other innovations more bearable.
273 weeks ago, by Tim
I received this recently. He didn't take too kindly to my reply pointing out everything he said began with 'I' or 'We'.

I hope all is well and you can excuse my direct approach. My company Switch Communications are a managed service provider. We have been in the market for over two decades; we are expert in voice and data solutions.

Renowned for our customer care and relations we pride ourselves as being the most approachable communications provider. We recommended by Gartner to include on
273 weeks ago, by Tim
I was hoping that I could find out when you will next be reviewing your communications services from your phone lines, internet, data (Servers) and hardware (Phones, caballing) as I would like to be able to contact you and be part of that process.

Our bespoke tariff report compares your current services and costs against our rates so you can have a clear outline as to where you would be saving money and in what areas.

I hope to hear from you soon,

[Do you really?]
272 weeks ago, by Emma
LinkedIn is becoming increasingly spammy. Why, for example, have lots of people I don't know endorsed me for lots of skills that I don't have? Is it an indication that I should think about getting those skills, I wonder.
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