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252 weeks ago, by Babs
Brilliant social media at work?
Spotted this being shared on Twitter and think it's brilliant. Surely a positive thing for the brands involved, too? What do you think?
252 weeks ago, by James
Brilliant, Babs, thanks for that. It's a masterclass in how social media should be managed.
252 weeks ago, by Babs
Indeed - priceless for anyone wondering what it's all about. Perfect timing for some stuff I'm working on too.
252 weeks ago, by Jackie
Depending on their objectives, of course.
252 weeks ago, by Babs
Of course, Jackie - I was not suggesting such activity for all, just as an example of getting it right.
252 weeks ago, by Jackie
I just found it a bit odd that everybody got so overexcited about the fact that social media managers are real people behind the brands, and that they had a pretend chat with each other like real people do.
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