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243 weeks ago, by James
The best TV ad of all time
Was it Guinness's 'Horses & Surfers'? If so, what made that such a great advert?
243 weeks ago, by Tim
That would take a long time to decide. I still love the Meerkats and respect it for its originality and ability to keep us all engaged for years. Their competitors, on the other hand, make a right mess and repel me with the same product.

It depends what you're judging it on.
242 weeks ago, by Kris
I think the best ones are the long-running series.

Gold Blend was a classic, an evolving love story over many years which subsumed the product by becoming its own "soap". Similarly Milk Tray's Man in Black; and the brilliant Leonard Rossiter and Joan Collins for Cinzano.

Audi's "Vorsprung" endures. German friends tell me it doesn't actually mean anything much in their own language. And Piat d'Or wine - bottled by a British company exclusively for its home market, the ad in smooth Franglais.
242 weeks ago, by James
Should more small businesses adopt the 'long running series' format for their marketing?
242 weeks ago, by Jackie
It's a good idea. Adverts need to be seen repeatedly to make you front of mind, so why not incorporate a story?
237 weeks ago, by Tim
It was ok, but does nothing for me. I think their advertising is stuck up.I don't know why, it's like they think they're better than everyone else so have to spend millions portraying that.
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