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259 weeks ago, by Tim
There's no suitable word for Word!
Who'd write a book in Microsoft Word? Not me again, that's for certain.

Ok, maybe it's not a book writing tool, but the amount of formatting cock ups I constantly had to go back and individually correct was ludicrous! Even when I thought they were taken care of more and more would appear. This was from using the 'justify' feature. It loved spreading three words along the whole width of a line!

Has anyone written a book & if so what did you use for easy formatting? I've heard Pages is good.
259 weeks ago, by Lara
The best advice is probably to steer clear of anything MS because of all of the horrible formatting interference.

In a word; Apple.
259 weeks ago, by James
Word is a disaster when it comes to formatting. I tend to write using word because visually it's easier and then cut and paste into wordpad before posting anything online.

Would that work for a book?
257 weeks ago, by Jackie
I hate designing in Word. I drafted my books in Word, then formatted them in InDesign for print. The ebooks were converted from the Word master into ePub and Kindle formats. Any changes then had to be made three times, but hey, no-one said it would be easy.
256 weeks ago, by Tim
I did use your Notepad trick James, I remember you telling me that once. Whether it helped or not who knows? I think what also made it worse was using Word 2003, 2007 and 2010 on the same document, although it shouldn't matter right? [In theory anyway].

Sounds worth a try next time Jackie.
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