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302 weeks ago, by John
'Innovate or Die' - Inappropriate Slogan?
I ride a bike by Specialized. When my old frame broke they replaced it, honouring their lifetime warranty & creating a customer for life. However the new frame carried their slogan 'Innovate or Die'.

Slogans about death don't fill me with confidence when mounting my steed. It may sound 'edgy' but for me it backfires.

Slogans are an opportunity to create an emotional response in the customer, cyclists may want some thrills and excitement, but mainly desire feelings of safety and security.
302 weeks ago, by James
I once heard a trainer talking about motivation use the phrase 'Could you do it if someone put a gun to your head?'

There was a point to be made but you could see some people railing at it.

I suppose this is the 'shock jock' technique. Is it valid?
302 weeks ago, by John
A gun to the head has nothing to do with motivation, it's coercion.

Motivation is about one's will, faced with a range of free choices. The gun removes free choice and for me makes it a pointless analogy and I'd be one of those railing at it.
301 weeks ago, by Tim
I think when branding is carried out to maximum success it makes you want to own the brand. Innovate or Die is more about them than you. They're referring to their approach. And you're right, death is hardly the stigma you want associated with a product people seek safety in. I wonder if an agency came up with the idea for them?
301 weeks ago, by Jackie
It's like getting an organ donor card with your first driving licence. That's what happened to me.
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