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224 weeks ago, by Babs
Clever Microsoft
Just a small rant at Microsoft's inspired marketing, one heard many times before, I know.

Catching them early by offering a vastly reduced subscription (£10 per year) for students to have Office 365 Professional Plus, and of course we're subscribing, if only to stop the nagging that OpenOffice does not do what they want (it probably does but just not in the way expected).
224 weeks ago, by James
I suppose that Microsoft's challenge is to stop as many people as they can from choosing Apple. Once you're committed it's a huge pain to migrate. I've often thought that I should move to Apple but it never seems a good time to go through the pain.
224 weeks ago, by Jeremy
I've just gone back to Apple. Most of my apps are cloud-based so the pain was minimal. Office365 transferred simply to Apple versions (which are better).
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