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Rant or Rave
231 weeks ago, by Emma
The dangers of cross posting
I'm an advocate of not cross posting between social media profiles because, ideally, you should tailor your message to each platform.

I hadn't realised that my Youtube account was set to share my comments on Twitter, it's not something that I do. This morning it seemed that my account had been hacked by a Lego fan.

It turns out that it was my 8 year old son who has just discovered commenting and doesn't have his own accounts, so it was showing in mine.

Another good reason not to cross post.
230 weeks ago, by Tim
I'm not going to write a different message for LinkedIn reader & then another for Twitter, a third for FB and a fourth for Google+. What I want to convey is the same whichever platform it is read. My ideal target client is the same whichever platform they read it on too.

I keep hearing hearing about this topic. I understand the reasoning but I tailor my messages to my ideal target client regardless of whether he's opened FB or Twitter. I am the same person regardless of the website I read.
228 weeks ago, by Jackie
Some friends/fans/followers are connected on more than one platform, and might get annoyed by only seeing the same stuff all the time.

One content strategy is to post mainly business updates on Linked In, mainly social updates on Facebook, and a mixture of both on Twitter, which you can do selectively on Hootsuite.
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