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242 weeks ago, by Tim
Bloody Dreamers
Does anyone else get irritated by having to wait in a queue for people to buy Lottery tickets and scratch cards?

It makes me want to follow them outside, where they'll inevitable fumble for change in their pockets & hurriedly scratch away to see LOSE, or whatever it states, and say to them, "Why waste your time & money loser? It's never going to happen for you. Just do the rest of us a favour next time & allow me get on my way back to my office where I'll actually 'Make It Happen' for myself!"
241 weeks ago, by James
We wouldn't have done so well at the last Olympics if it wasn't for the Lottery, Tim. The money that goes into up and coming athletes and minority sports, as well as disabled sport, has really helped.

With our overpaid, underperforming footballers we need some talent elsewhere.

People could play it online, but it helps small retailers to have terminals because of the extra chocolate bars they sell with the tickets.
241 weeks ago, by Tim
Our Olympic performances have been incredible. Maybe all Lottery players simply pay a tax when they buy the tickets so good causes receive even more.

But yes, make it all onlone and then Mr. Muppett can spend as much time and money on a short cut to the top as he likes, and he won't hold me up any more asking for Lucky XXXXing Dip or whatever it's bloody called.
235 weeks ago, by John
Ironic that fat dreamers waddling out of a newsagents with a fistful of chocs and lottery tickets are funding athletic's elites...
235 weeks ago, by James
Often wearing the sponsors' sports clothing and with a Coke in their hand.
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