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Rant or Rave
275 weeks ago, by Paul
If you could do it all over again...
if you could start your business all over again would you choose to do business only with GOOD customers?

Good customers - those that treat you fairly, pay their bills, appreciate it when you go the extra mile and tell their friends about you...

Is it true that every single time that you take on that customer you know in your heart will be trouble, they are - and its ALWAYS much worse than you think it will be?

They suck the joy and the profit out of your business.
275 weeks ago, by John
Hi Paul...

It's the Pareto Principle at work, 20% of customers causing 80% of the hassle...

I guess the trick is in being able to filter out the 20% in advance?
274 weeks ago, by James
I think it's also about taking the money because you want / need it even though you know in your heart, as Paul says, that they will be trouble.

Saying no is a discipline but it's hard. I relate to; 'I'm never doing that again ... and this time I mean it'.
274 weeks ago, by Paul
That's exactly what I mean James. The hidden cost of making poor customer recruitment decisions is enormous. It's easier to take the money, hit your sales target and pay later. The only problem is that sometimes they are difficult to filter out in advance as John says. Often they don't show their true colours until the first "issue" arises and by then you are committed. Often though the signs were there all along - sales meetings cancelled / rescheduled at the last minute etc.
274 weeks ago, by Tim
I was going to say the same as John & James.

I also believe the ideal position you want to find yourself in is one where you can pick & choose who you work with i.e. become OVER SUBSCRIBED.

That way, not only do you filter out potential trouble makers, but you also have the luxury of working with firms who you can produce the greatest results for. And great results create repeat orders, referrals & superb testimonials [snowball effect].

All we need to do now is reach that 'primo-position'.
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