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301 weeks ago, by John
Tescos Diabetes Partnership, Sincere Motives?
When paying for my groceries at the checkout this evening I was asked if I'd like to donate £1 to Diabetes UK. I felt a bit pressurised but obliged nonetheless. They're trying to raise £10m -

I can't help questioning Tescos' motives here, if they really care about the prevention of (type 2) Diabetes, wouldn't it be more effective and honest to have big banners saying 'the sugary crap we're promoting down this aisle may cause diabetes if consumed to excess'?
301 weeks ago, by James
Ah, but that might have an impact on profits in one of the most hyper competitive industries around.

Much better to organise a fundraising effort that might also be motivating for their staff.

You're right, it is hypocritical. Like drug dealers raising money for drug awareness.

Why are the choosing a large wealthy charity? Wouldn't it mean more if each store chose a local charity that's struggling to raise funds?
301 weeks ago, by John
Tescos (and all Marketers) should consider the 'Peak End Rule' - whereby people judge an experience on its peak and how it ended -

Asking for donations via barcode scan at the till might make some customers and possibly the staff feel good, but risks making others feel awkward and that will stick in their minds.

A collection box or similar would be better, people don't like feeling pressurised even for a good cause.
298 weeks ago, by Kris
It's the same as hotels who add a donation to your bill, hoping you'll be too embarrassed to ask fo them to remove it. I'm not. We stayed recently at the Radisson edwardian in Croydon and when we asked for the charge to be removed, the receptionist actually asked us the reason! When we said that we supported other charities, he asked us which ones!

They only do it so they can put out phoney PR saying how much they have given to charity, when actually it isn't the company qwho gives it at all.
298 weeks ago, by James
That's shocking. I stayed at a Radisson recently and I don't think I saw that or I may not have checked it well enough. Being interrogated on your level of piousness is a bit rich!
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