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229 weeks ago, by Kris
Monthlies have deadlines too
Increasingly we see PR departments and agencies sending event releases only a week or so out. They seem so surprised that we can't do anything with a release for an event on, say, 2nd October which is sent on, say, 25th September. We're already done and out by that time, and well on the way to the November issue. This phenomena is expecially true of PR departments in the public sector. Is it that everyone is so obsessed with social media that monthly print isn't on their radar anymore?
228 weeks ago, by James
Event lead times in the corporate event industry are often one to two weeks on business that comes in off the internet. It seems that there's a sudden opportunity which is taken. Things arranged with a lot of lead time are often postponed as people find other things to do.
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I founded Sussex Local Magazine in 2007 with a small amount of savings, and it has now grown to four editions serving 23,500 home in West Sussex. During that time my husband and I grew our family from just the two of us to a satisfyingly symmetrical four, so it has been a busy few years. Just now getting back properly into the swing of things and looking to grow the business even further.
After a spell working overseas as a travel rep, I continued my career in the travel industry in the UK working in reservations for a couple of niche tour operators who had chiefly European programmes. I became Marketing Manager for the second company and oversaw a £500k budget which included national press and radio advertising, brochure production and website creation (back in the days of HTML!) I also remember we were a very early adopter of Google Adwords - I think the budget was about 3p per click! I started Sussex Local in 2007 with one edition, which has since grown to a very successful four. There are plans to expand further over the coming years, including a licensee/franchise model for other areas.
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