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301 weeks ago, by John
What's Trending on Google, Right Now?
Google has launched this visually compelling insight on current search terms people are using.

Fun to watch for a for minutes but I'm a little skeptical about its accuracy - e.g. I didn't see any porn related searches!

Google's other trend analysis tools are probably of more practical use. For example here's a graph I made showing how searches for 'Daily Mail' are overtaking 'BBC News':
301 weeks ago, by James
That's great fun. I'd like to have it on permanently in the office on a large screen TV.

I need to get out more.
301 weeks ago, by Tim
That's precisely what I literally just thought James. Worth getting a new screen set-up just for that.

I only looked at it for only 20 seconds and was lucky enough to see Ann Summers! It's not porn, but it's a start.
301 weeks ago, by Jackie
I used to write catalogue copy and quality assurance manuals for Ann Summers. It was work. Definitely not porn.
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