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219 weeks ago, by Tim
What the biggest loss of money to your business?
It hit me this morning about 7.45am that, regardless of what you spend or how you economise, the biggest leakage of cash out of your business is by and away the sales you fail to close.

No doubt, James Coakes will disagree, but what is more costly, especially when you factor in lifetime value?
219 weeks ago, by James
How can something leak out that hasn't come in? The biggest leakage of cash in my case is expenses that I didn't factor into the sale. Another situation is clients that I went further to get who turn out to be clients I shouldn't have gone after in the first place. These are two leakages.

I'm sorry if you think I disagree all the time, Tim. Rephrase your lost opportunity question though because it's worth discussing.

219 weeks ago, by Tim
You're just creating debate, I expect it.

I meant for the heading to be what it is because by saying your lost sales are 'leaking cash' highlights how vital there are and how they should be in the bank None of this, "IF we get the sale," loser talk. It's far more positive to assume you have the new client and from that new perspective, by NOT having him, you've now lost money .
219 weeks ago, by James
I think that assumes a level of control. Sometimes you don't gain a new client because the thing doesn't actually happen. You don't lose it to someone else, plans just change.

I'm not a fan of overly positive blue sky thinking. I think that you have to be very specific about the things that happen in your field and then work out how to address them.
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