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208 weeks ago, by Jackie
DVD? No thanks.
I was offered a DVD recently but I have nothing to play it on. My new iMac has no DVD player. My new smart TV has no DVD player. It's a dead technology.
208 weeks ago, by James
I'm not ready for that technology to disappear, but it's inevitable. I welcomed the shift from cassette to disk but I still enjoy having something tangible in the form of the disk and case. It's also much more satisfying to give as a present. How can you give someone a piece of cloud?
208 weeks ago, by Jackie
As well as my selection of DVDs with nothing to play them on, I have a box of video tapes with nothing to play them on. I also have a box of vinyl LPs and singles but nothing to play them on.

I still have some CDs and cassette tapes. Happily, I do have something to play those on!
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I run a writing and design agency that specialises in making complex information appear simple. I spend two-thirds of my time doing hands-on copywriting, and one-third training other people how to do it themselves (mostly for websites, newsletters and social media). My experience comes from over three decades in the marcomms industry, spanning copywriting, graphic design, print, web design, sales promotion, brand identity and much more. Before going freelance in 2001, I worked my way up to Senior Manager level in the corporate world, with a team of 12 graphic designers and copywriters reporting to me. I have also worked as an insurance clerk, a barmaid and a tea-lady.
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