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208 weeks ago, by Tim
High Street Benches
Just what purpose DO they serve?

I cannot remember ever sitting on one. Why would one wish to?

You're in a High Street to achieve a specific task or are on the way somewhere. Why would you want to just sit there and read a paper or smoke a cigarette?

Rip them all up to avoid loitering, avoid littering and avoid winding me up.
205 weeks ago, by James
Probably not a popular move. Some people need to rest regularly, for example the old.

I like the Literary Benches around London. I'd like to see more of that. Memorial benches are an odd idea, although I may have one with a perplexing message like 'James always said he would come back and haunt this bench'.
205 weeks ago, by Tim
Ok, another persepctive on benches, fine. But that's the minority, the majority of High St bench users are slobs.
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