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274 weeks ago, by Tim
GREGG'S [or as they call it, GREGGS] Book Title
Gregg's, the High Street bakery chain, have a paperback book for sale by the tills in their shops. It's called 'BREAD'.

Don't you think 'HOW TO MAKE DOUGH' would have been a better title? Or 'LET'S MAKE SOME DOUGH'?

Every time I go in there their lack of an apostrophe in their name irritates me. Waterstone's recently dropped theirs saying they were moving with the times. What, so morons don't make so many glaring & basic errors? The irony of a purveyor of knowledge dumbing down their name!
274 weeks ago, by John
Perhaps they're all taking naming advice from their banks, Lloyds and Barclays, or should that be Lloyd's and Barclay's?
274 weeks ago, by Tim
Good point. I'd not even considered the banks. They've been around for so long that they've had time to become bored of the apostrophe maybe?!?!?
274 weeks ago, by Ed
There is a trend towards removing apostrophes from business names – usually explained as brand simplification. A spokesperson for Barclays Bank said of the missing apostrophe: “It has just disappeared over the years. Barclays is no longer associated with the family name.”

Has anyone noticed how some people add a superfluous apostrophe to supermarket names? For example, Tesco’s, or ASDA’s – brands which have never used an apostrophe.
274 weeks ago, by Tim
Thanks Ed. Supermarkets are the biggest confuser for the general public it seems. As you rightly say, why do people insist on adding an S to most of them? Tescos, Marks and Spencers, it drives me mad. Sainsbury's is the only apostrophe s as Morrisons appears to not have it on their buildings and branding.

Foster's and McDonald's are, at least, are maintaining some levels of correctness here.
274 weeks ago, by Jackie
With that in mind, you might like one of my blogs: - saving the world, one apostrophe at a time.
274 weeks ago, by Jackie
Tim: It's 'bored with' not 'bored of' ;-)
273 weeks ago, by Tim
Aha, damned English language throwing up these traps. Thanks Jackie.
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