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268 weeks ago, by James
Unique Selling Points
Genuinely unique things, if they're good and unique, often don't need a USP.

It seems to me that USPs are something that average businesses have to try to define because they're not really unique.

What do you think?
268 weeks ago, by Tim
What utter rubbish James!

Every successful business must clearly define itself. It must create distance between them and their competition that is obvious to the consumer. If not, the only differentiator is price.

If they are genuinely unique then there's your USP, it's natural. 99% of businesses have to battle against other companies to win business though.

The largest task faced by any business is to propel itself out of obscurity. If no one knows you, or what you stand for, you're no one!
268 weeks ago, by James
How many unique selling points are actually unique? I see a lot of generic or inflated rubbish.
268 weeks ago, by John
A couple of thoughts about USPs being dynamic things:

If a 'unique' has true perceived value it will eventually be copied and new differentiators will be required to distinguish an offering.

Secondly a USP should be tailored to the 'Unique Buying Requirements' of a specific customer or market segment, rather than a 'one size fits all' approach.
268 weeks ago, by Jackie
I don't think any business offering is really unique or uncopyable, but the way each individual business delivers it might be unique to them. In marketing terms, it pays to be different. Whatever you do, and however you do it, you need to stand out from the rest.
267 weeks ago, by Kris
You don't need them. It's a buzzword which "gurus" tell you every business needs, not helped by the ridiculous attitude of the "dragons" on that TV comedy show. Just because you have a business doesn't mean it has to be different from the next one. there are thousands of sweetshops across the country, each doing nicely thank you. I always think you don't necessarily have to be different - just better.
267 weeks ago, by James
I agree. A selling proposition can be defined by customers. 'I really enjoy going to that shop' is much more powerful than anything that a business can say about themselves.
267 weeks ago, by Tim
@ Kris, how do you define 'better' then?

Every business owner should be able to give a satisfactory answer to this question, "Why should I shop with you?"

If you can't you deserve to have the competition overrun you.

Don't you feel one of the enjoyable aspects of a business is creating propositions for clients and the uncertainty of knowing whether they'll be accepted or not? That involves creating individuality.

Maybe the customers can define a company's USP as well.

267 weeks ago, by Jeremy
Unique buying proposition. Done.
267 weeks ago, by Tim
USP = Utterly Seductive Proposal.
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