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267 weeks ago, by Kris
Right hand / early page
We seem to be getting a spate of requests to guarantee combinations of right hand pages, right hand top of page and early position. We explain that as our magazines are B5 with an average page count of 40, and as there is some kind of editorial content on every DPS, then they are just as likely to have a good response in the bottom left. When these requests come in waves, as happened last week, we often wonder whether something has been published somewhere that people have picked up on.
267 weeks ago, by James
I think I remember hearing that eyes follow a smile shape across a page, from top left, down and then top right and the top right is where they finish. That's probably no longer valid since the Internet came along.

All ads are not equal and, regardless of position, I think it's content that really matters.
267 weeks ago, by Tim
I think this must be coincidence Kris. How likely is it all these requests come from individuals that have read the same article or seen the same YouTube video?

I don't know if I'd be pleased people were savvy enough to ask or irritated that I had a bunch of 'know it alls' wanting the same space. What do you think Kris?
267 weeks ago, by Jackie
I was taught that the eye follows a Z-pattern when reading print, and an F-pattern when reading on screen.
228 weeks ago, by Kris
Tim did I say anything about "know it alls"? I think not. I don't believe it is a coincidence, it is a classic piece of received wisdom but, as I have explained, is more relevant to larger publications than ours.
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Kris Thomas

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28th May 2013
I founded Sussex Local Magazine in 2007 with a small amount of savings, and it has now grown to four editions serving 23,500 home in West Sussex. During that time my husband and I grew our family from just the two of us to a satisfyingly symmetrical four, so it has been a busy few years. Just now getting back properly into the swing of things and looking to grow the business even further.
After a spell working overseas as a travel rep, I continued my career in the travel industry in the UK working in reservations for a couple of niche tour operators who had chiefly European programmes. I became Marketing Manager for the second company and oversaw a £500k budget which included national press and radio advertising, brochure production and website creation (back in the days of HTML!) I also remember we were a very early adopter of Google Adwords - I think the budget was about 3p per click! I started Sussex Local in 2007 with one edition, which has since grown to a very successful four. There are plans to expand further over the coming years, including a licensee/franchise model for other areas.
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