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298 weeks ago, by Jeremy
Misuse of the term
The term "marketing" means two things. One is a philosophy of business, a principle of moulding an enterprise so that it aligns itself with its market's wants and needs and delivers a product or service of value, at a profit.

Often, marketing is downgraded to mean the department which uses colouring-in pencils, the process of putting fairy dust on a tired product/service.

Terms like email marketing, social media marketing are misleading. They should really be marketing COMMUNICATIONS.
298 weeks ago, by Tim
I think if you look around there's a whole plethora of words that have been made mongrels of Jeremy. The English language is the biggest loser with the popularity of American TV and people who can't help themselves from speaking what they gorge themselves on every evening after they finish their 9-5 and a ready meals!

I like John Jantsch's definition of marketing - "Getting someone, who has a need, to know, like, trust, contact and refer you." It's all in there.
298 weeks ago, by John
Jeremy is absolutely right.

Marketing should be at the heart of the enterprise's activities, with arterial connections supplying all other functions, particularly the board, sales and customer services.
298 weeks ago, by James
On Recruiting Lens Mitch wrote an article saying that recruitment should be moved into sales & marketing. Are we talking about better communication between departments?
298 weeks ago, by John
Communication between departments: I guess you could look at it as a multiplier where there is an opportunity to multiply the efforts of the individual silos and improve the whole based on their overall cohesion.

Nice in theory, but in practice there's usually many horses trying to pull the cart in different directions.
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