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277 weeks ago, by James
Marketing To Children
As a parent I constantly feel under pressure from my children to get them the latest Moshi, Binweevil or whatever the latest plastic toy trend is. You can't avoid it by limiting access to the television, which seems a cruel thing to do anyway in this day and age, because the peer pressure that they experience at school is enough.

Marketing is important. People should have free will but they also need to be educated on the options. However, shouldn't we draw the line at children?
277 weeks ago, by Babs
I find it a useful way to show them how they, and their friends/peers, are marketed to. But then I'm lucky to not have kids that want everything (perhaps because they don't get everything). Peer pressure will always be there - may as well learn early how to best handle it, I think.
277 weeks ago, by Kris
I wonder if children will start to limit their own access, given that there is more autonomy now over what they can choose to watch? I'm thinking of our 3 year old, who already knows that he can pick out what he wants to watch on iPlayer and YouTube - he rarealy watches live tv.
276 weeks ago, by John
Perhaps schools should start introducing children to the basics of business at an early age, encouraging them to be a little marketing savvy in the process and help them to realise how their desires might be manipulated?
276 weeks ago, by Suzan
Marketers to children would do well to check out this article on the BBC News website - I found it fascinating and very enlightening:
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