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297 weeks ago, by James
Everything Everywhere? Nothing Nowhere
Orange rebranded themselves as Everything Everywhere and I can't remember a brand that I've had regular contact with that has annoyed me more on a daily basis.

The problem is that Everything Everywhere's 3G coverage, in common with most providers, isn't very good once you leave the town. But their name suggests otherwise.

So, I find myself frustrated and unable to do what I want to do and contemplating a name that, at that moment in time, is a complete joke.
297 weeks ago, by John
Ah, so that's what EE stands for...

I'm on an old T-Mobile / Orange contract but the meaning of EE completely passed me by (poor Comms?).

Nothing Nowhere won't do, that's a double negative. How about PP, Patchy in Places?
297 weeks ago, by Jackie
Most people don't know why Kevin Bacon did the adverts, claiming to be 'the most connected person on the planet'. It was due to the 'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon' initiative. See for more info. Also see, the charity he founded as a result. Well done, him.
297 weeks ago, by James
I don't think it's easy to ever find a complete criticism for celebs taking the corporate pound for an ad. John Lydon's butter ad pushed it about as far as it could be.

Jack Dee says, in his stage act, that people ask whether he regrets the John Smith beer adverts. When they do he wonders, then he looks at his great big house and decides that he doesn't.
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